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We all know 7th grade sucks...but do we really know why?

(All submissions have been corrected. These are not the actual words sent to me.)


Mrs. Palumbo


We get TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is just plain ol' boring!!!


I think I speak for all the smart kids when I say this. School is so boring and I don't get why we have to learn most things, like prepositions. Are we actually gonna be writing a sentence and go, "Oh crap, I forgot a preposition!" I mean get real! And why do we have to learn about those stupid plane things in math? You know, with the negatives and stuff. WHY? All the stupid kids hold all the smart kids back. We have to wait till the stupid asses get it till we can move on. It just pisses me off!


Groups. In groups we have to depend on other people, and the groups are made to have 1 smart person 2 average and 1 dumb@$$. Of course when we each get separate things to teach the group the dumb@$$ hasn't read the sheet or answered questions or something like that so everyone else has to work harder. In the end we could have gotten a higher grade but the dumb@$$ didn't do their part so we wind up getting a B.


The stupid people in our class. The dumb people never do their homework, or listen to directions and they mess up.


Too many projects.



7th grade really sucks because it just does.  Do we have any freedom? No. "Those shorts are too short!" I mean come on! Mine was 7 inches long! [Is that supposed to be considered long? - John] Please...


The real reasons why 7th grade sucks so much is that we have to wake up so freaking early. All the stupid homework that we already know because its all a review from last year (plus they don't even check to see if we have it), all the stupid projects that don't teach us anything, and the stupid teachers! And like other people said the groups that they used to put us in with 1 stupid person. And u have to get on their back, making sure they did all there work and all the other crap.. and u try as hard as u can and at least deserve an A and they give you a B! That's what I got for science because of Talitha throwing her work out..(strange child).


7th grade sucks because teachers complain too much about the dumbest things, they get too picky on tests, and you want to hurt them and probably curse them off [Probably? - John]. I mean why do we have to learn about different countries it is not like we are going there or really care! And most of the projects make no sense to real life like the stupid baby project. [A project...about taking care of a BABY....makes no sense to real life? Do you think at all? Ever?? - John]