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Here's a pretty extensive collection of places to go when you're bored.

My first stop to attack boredom. Tons of sites to go to.

The homepage of the new "virtual band". Great site but slow if you don't have a cable modem.

This site makes tons of funny flash animations. Great site and home of the "Hey Mister Taliban" video.

I know it sounds like a stupid kid's site but it's full of jokes and comic strips. Really funny stuff for all ages.

This site is awesome. Definitely one of my fav's. Funny quotes, riddles, philosophies and such. Check out the "Barney is Satan" one. Hehe.

Another cool site. Tons of short "skits" of stick people coming to a painful demise.

Cool site. Lots of cracks and other video game stuff.

Awesome! I love this place. TONS of reviews, previews, cheats, guides, hints, and pics for games of every system.....well except those old ones like SNES.

Really cool site. Tons of stuff to spice up your profile or web page. Has a couple links to some basic JavaScript sites, which is what I use very often on this page.

Not really a "cool site" but useful none the less. It's basically just a message board where you type in your problem and people try to help you. Don't have to register either.

Final Fantasy OSG

This is a really cool Final Fantasy site. Contains tons of info for FF4 through 9. I'm sure Rick would like it.

This is an awesome site for the popular computer game "The Sims". It contains tons of things to add to the game, but please do not ask me how to add them.

Another awesome Sims site. Contains cool skins and furniture.

Final Fantasy Obsession

 My friend's Final Fantasy site. Really nice design.

 This site is great. It is the source for almost all the JavaScripts I use. Hence the name "The JavaScript Source" Another video games site. Pretty good. Reviews, previews, news, etc. Submitted by Rick.
.com Not exactly a boatload of fun, but convenient nonetheless. Get driving directions from your house to your friend's or from your house to Neverland Ranch. Whatever! Just type in where from and where to.
Jump The Shark Really cool site. Hard to explain. It's about TV shows. Check it out.
I'll check it out, see if it's appropriate and good enough, then I'll put it on and give you credit!