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This is the News section. Updates are written here.

3/25/02 Well as you can see, I changed the heading and name of the site. "John's Page" was just a little too unoriginal for me. The "ahhh!" is an actual recording of my voice :-). I hope u guys like it. Also, I added a site to the Bored site.

3/22/02 Added a poll under all the links. Fixed the link to the new "best" site. Added 4 submissions to the "7th grade" site. That's all for now.

3/17/02 OK. All of the games on the Games site should now work. The E-mail Me site now has a form right on there so that you can E-mail me from the site. Ah you'll see. Uh..I tried to fix the Music in the top-left corner but had no luck. I'll keep trying next week. Soon, Spidey Says will be replaced with uh..."I say" I you can see, the image of me with an open mouth is already down there. Not much else. Cya next weekend.

3/16/02 Finally! The Midi Lounge is in alphabetical order! Two songs from the Rocky series and a Staind song were added. I tried my best to fix Spidey Says but I couldn't do it. =(. Ah well. 2 submissions added to the 7th grade site. I'm thinking about deleting the Games site. I can't get any games on it to work anyway. What do you think? E-mail me! Also, should the Anger Problems site come back?

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