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How could you like that piece of dog crap, Friends? It's completely unfunny! What? Joey never getting a job and Phoebe being incredibly stupid is funny?

I gave you a kick-ass drum set so be grateful! *PEER PRESSURE*!!!

Yeah I know that's not how you spell your name but I just spelled it the way I say it. Oh btw everyone, Palaty's first name is Robin, I just call him that 'cause it sounds better. :-)

I've known Mike for 6 years...oh wait...maybe 7....nah...probably 6.....but then again......ah screw it.

Brian and I used to have an arch rivalry. But one day he realized he was seriously beaten down to a bloody pulp...oops sorry...any way he said that he didn't remember why he was mad at me and blahdy blahdy blah. Long story short, we're friends now. BTW I taught him everything he knows about javascript!

You're lucky I gave you a guitar and not something else you little pervert. Lol j/k

Hey Hanko! Finally put u on. I'm not sure if u read MAD magazine but I know you watch MAD TV. Close enough right?

I gotta say, this is my crappiest doll. It's really bad. I didn't expect BJ to be so hard to make!