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This website is best seen in True Color and in 1024x768 resolution. Instructions.


Instructions: Screen Resolution

When you come to my site do you see it like this?

Well this isn't really how my website was meant to be seen.

To fix it, we must change the resolution of your screen.

It isn't as difficult as it seems trust me.

First, find this button on the bottom task bar

Click it once

You might have less options than me. And your checkmark is probably in a different place. That's OK.

Now you see where my checkmark is? That's where it's supposed to be to see my site correctly. If you don't have True Color (32 bit) you probably have True Color (24 bit). You can use that too. Just make sure that it is 1024 by 768.


Now say you don't have the button down there. There is another way. Just go to your desktop and right click.

Select "Properties"

Select the "Settings" tab (at least that's what's it's called on Windows 98)

Under "colors" select True Color 32 (or 24) bit. Under "Screen Area" move the slider to the right until it says 1024x768.
Press OK and that's it!