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Cool Programs

Pop Up Stopper A great program that blocks most pop-ups from popping up. You can see an example of a pop up at It's only a trial though. You'll have to look elsewhere for the crack.
WinMX A great downloading program. Download music, videos, pictures, and much more. It's like Napster but better. You can use winmx to download anything! Even things you can usually only get at the store for $50. But downloading something that should be paid for is illegal and I strongly recomend you not to do it. I'm just can be done.
Paint Shop Pro The program I use to do all my picture editing. Almost every image on this site has been worked on with Paint Shop Pro. Another trial though. Need crack that you won't find here!
Copernic A great program that searches on a ton of search engines at the same time. Giving you better and more results. The demo version only looks on 80 search engines. But the complete version (that you may be able to find on a certain program mentioned here... ;-)) searches on around 1000.
ZSnes A Super Nintendo Emulator. An emulator let's you play video games on your PC. In this case, Super Nintendo video games. To play the games, you have to download them. They are called ROMs. Go to google and search for Super Nintendo ROMs. Or, if you know the name of the game you're looking for, try typing "name of game you" in a search engine.
Dope Wars A cool game about selling drugs. The game basically is: buy drugs low at one place, sell them high at another. Make money for 30 days. Listen to the old lady.
The Palace The Palace is a chat program but you use cartoon dolls to represent you in the chat. So its like a visual chat. Half of the fun is looking at the dolls other people have.
VisualBoy Advance A GameBoy/GameBoy Advance emulator.