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Well this is a little better...sorta.....hey at least Penny's with you.. You know you're one of my oldest friends? Lets see how many years was it....hmm...well I met you in wait....maybe 2nd.....ah screw it I've known you for a long time but the only real thing I remember from "back in the day" is asking you how to spell "because". It's way off, I know....ah well. I think this doll is pretty close. I mean it looks like you. I doubt you have that shirt but who cares. Lara - 2 bad I don't know what you look like. I like all the dolls to be almost exact but ah well. YOU STOLE SARAH's VOICE!! And your an evil twin!!!

I don't really know you very well. Or...u all....but it always looks good to have more people on your friends page. Especially when you want to piss off Brian right? Hehe...::evil grin::...